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What is the goal? Symptom management or finding the Cause?

In medicine throughout time the goal has been to help patients feel better and to reverse the cause of disease.  Many times in conventional medicine the treatment option involves suppressing the symptoms with chemical medications.  This model is called the Disease Model, because it is based on the idea that a symptom is the problem and the therapy chosen should eliminate the symptom.  This disease model does not allow the patient to return to optimum health because it often does not address the underlying cause.  It never allows the individual to remove accumulated toxicity and so while the patient may for the short-term feel some improvement in their symptoms they are never allowed to fully express their vitality. 

Naturopathic medicine prides itself in the search for the underlying causes of disease.  We do this by asking why and searching for patterns in the way the body is expressing itself.  The goal is not always to cure but to bring the individual back to a state of balance.  This is where the real healing occurs. 

How are you doing with managing symptoms versus finding your vitality and balance in your healing process?

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