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So many times I hear clients say something along the lines of, "When I heal from this surgery, I will be back to normal" or when I finally lose these last 10 pounds, my life will be perfect" or "after I land that new job making $100,000 all of my problems will go away." 

Why are we waiting to be perfect?  To be happy and fullfilled?  Why not allow that feeling to be present now.  Below is a piece that a patient gave to me to support one to feel enough right now.  I believe it is taken from a book called Heart Thoughts.

"I am perfect exactly as I am.  I am neither too much nor too little.  I do not have to prove to anyone or anything who I am.  I have come to know that I am the perfect expression of the Oneness of Life.  In the Infininity of Life I have been many identities, each one a perfect expression for that particular lifetime.  I am content to be who and what I am this time.  I do not yearn to be like someone else for that is not the expression I chose this time.  Next time, I will be different.  I am perfect as I am, right here and right now.  I am sufficient.  I am one with all of Life.  There is no need to struggle to be better.  All I need to do is to love myself more today than yesterday and to treat myself as someone who is deeply loved.  As I am cherished by myself, I will blossom with a joy and beauty that I can barely begin to comprehend.  Love is the nourishment that humans need to fulfill their greatness.  As I learn to love myself more, I learn to love everyone more.  Together we lovingly nourish an ever more beautiful world.  We are all healed and the planet is healed too.  With joy I recognize my perfection and the perfection of Life.  And so it is."

"If we wait until we become perfect before we love ourselves we will waste our lives.  We are already perfect right here and now."

An example of a personal affirmation that one can repeat throughout their day is:

I am perfect, I am sufficient, I am one with life.

Hope this helps you feel that you are what you should be, here and now,



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