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Concerned about your Drinking Water?

These days, it is hard to know when we are doing the right thing for our health with all of the mixed information we get from the media.  We hear, "drink more water"  so, we drink more water.  Then you read the recent Associated Press report on the widespread contamination of pharmaceuticals in our drinking water.

What can we do to protect ourselves from these and other contaminants:

  1. Hire a reputable company to take a sample of your water and analyze the quality.  I would recommend this even if your source is from a deep well. 
  2. Consider a point of use (POU) water filtration system in that it is the "best protection" for clean water, says the Water Quality Association (WQA).  A point of use filtration system is one that simply is connected in the home.  These can be used on the kitchen sink or all of the water sources in the home including the shower.  The WQA has mentioned that activated carbon filters have shown promise in removing the unwanted contaminants in our water.

Many water filtration companies exist these days offering activated carbon filters along with many others.  I personally have had a carbon filtration system from Multipure for several years and am very pleased with my drinking water.  If you would like more information on Multipure, you can visit their website at www.multipureco.com.

Alison Finger, ND


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